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Thanks for visiting with us!

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As work-at-home-moms, we wanted to create a blog that would combine our our online travel and bridal honeymoon registry business with resources to help women business owners and wedding vendors.

We have recently started new business ventures that we are very excited about and will be sharing with you. We will also be featuring work at home businesses and the moms and dads behind these businesses in our WAHM Corner. If you want to be featured sign our guestbook or leave us a comment. We would love to hear from you.

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Wahm Addicts University and Social Site

While the economy rears its ugly head, many of us have found peace and tranquility knowing that we have a very unique home to go to at Wahm Addicts Social. Within this arena you will find tons of fabulous people that are dedicated to succeeding and helping each other out no matter how ugly the economy may be at the moment, and the good news is that we ARE succeeding.

Within this venue, we are now offering very low-cost classes available to anyone that will help you beat this economy and regain the confidence that you might have had in the past, but are now a bit frustrated or learn something completely new. Membership to Wahm Addicts is free to anyone, and there are tons of groups to join, also free, to help you along.

We support and promote your business in many areas. We offer free and low cost advertising to meet your needs. While advertising WAHM Addicts social network we are in fact promoting all our members who reap the rewards. Join today and join in the rewards.

Yes, there are many networking groups out there, but we must tell you that this is a very unique and helpful group, not to mention friendly. We are already at 500 members and growing on a daily basis very quickly. There is a reason for that, and it is not because it is free. The team leaders and members alike are friendly, decent, trustworthy, and on the ball in all aspects. Our mission is to help you, and because we are doing our best to do just that, people are noticing it and want to become a part of a family rather than a group that is all about ads and promotion. While naturally there is some of that in every group, we try out best to help people from all walks of life. As the old saying goes…It is not always what you know, but who you know that plays an important part in business as a whole, and to know these very unique individuals is a blessing in disguise.

As the New Year approaches, our goal is to move forward and support each other. There is nothing better than having a home to go to, whether it is in your personal lives or your business lives.

From our house, so-to-speak, to yours, we wish you all much joy this holiday season, and a wonderful New Year, and hopefully you will have joined us in our mission to support the small business owner, and each other.

Peace, Love and Joy,


Krista Clyburn, Creator of Wahm Addicts Social Network
Ellen Levinas, MVA,
AND our Wonderful
Wahm Addicts Leadership Team and Members - We Satisfy the Craving! - It's in the Box! - It's in the Bag!

Friday, December 5, 2008

iEmporium Sizzle features MarLee Travel & Online Shopping Boutique

It is such an honor to be a part of this sensational e-magazine. The iEmporium Sizzle has such amazing creators and great content featuring wonderful merchants with unique products and services. We are so excited to be included among them and featured in the iSizzle special Christmas edition.

View this masterpiece by clicking on the icon below. See MarLee Travel on Page 10 and Online Shopping Boutique on Page 13.

If you want to be a part of iSizzle, become a member of iEmporium at

WAHM Online Shopping Extravaganza

News from our WAHM Corner

No need to get the keys, get in the car, drive to the zillions stores or the malls to get all those gifts on your list. Get the kids off to school, or send the wee ones to play, and lounge in your pjs or not...and take out the credit and debit cards and shop til you drop right at your computer.

And where are you shopping you ask? Well, you will be shopping at the online stores owned by moms who work at home. This week and next week there are many WAHM stores having online shopping parties so you can fill those stockings for the holidays.

Here is a list of the holiday shopping online parties:

Wahm Addicts Social Network

Wahm Addicts-Online Festivals
When: Fri Dec 5, Wed Dec 10; 7:30pm – 10 pm EST
Featuring: WAHM online stores

Nowa’s Party Zone-Winter Wonderland
When: Dec 3-Dec 6: 11am – 9:30pm EST
Featuring: WAHM online stores; discounts & sales; giveaways;And grand prize winter wonderland basket~ $58.00 value ~shown above

Carole’s Party Central-Christmas Extravanga
When: Fri Dec 5, Mon Dec 8, Fri Dec 12; 4pm – 10pm CST
Where: Click on Carole’s Party Central
Featuring: WAHM online stores; Great vendors with great products; find great deals and specials

Online Shopping Mall-Holiday Shopping Showcase
When: Tues Dec 9 & Wed Dec 10; 6pm – 9:30pm EST
Featuring: WAHM online stores selling gifts, jewelry, candles, holiday d├ęcor & more for your holiday gifts

Free Home Business Post-Vendor Holiday Party
When: Wed Dec 10 2pm – 4pm CST
Where: and go to Party Room
Featuring: WAHM online stores selling great products- perfect for gifts for the whole family

The Diva Within-Online Vendor Party
When: Wed Dec 10; 6pm – 9 pm EST
Where: and go to Chat-box
Featuring: WAHM online stores for your holiday gift shopping

Wahm Forum
When: Sat Dec 13; 6pm EST
Featuring: Contests & Free Basket Giveaway

Cruising is the Best Family Vacation!

Cruising is the Best Family Vacation!
by Maddy Cohen

Vacation time is looming on the horizon, and you still haven't found the perfect place to go? Perhaps, when Jupiter aligns with Mars, the Great Idea will hit and you'll frantically make the calls --and pay the price. The family will have its vacation after all.
  • But Mom, will you get to escape to a spa for the afternoon just by taking an elevator?
  • Dad, will you be able to sprawl out on a chaise and not have to make one decision all day, except what flavor margarita to order?
  • Teens, will you disappear for hours and not get any flack when you show up because, after all, you can't have gone far anyway?
  • And kids, will you get to watch new-release movies all evening while your folks are out and not need a baby-sitter?
If your family is like ours, you've been to a few lakes, a few beaches, the mountains, a few big theme parks, a couple of major cities. Maybe you have a time share or rent the same cabin every year. No doubt, you've eaten in every chain in America. But after a while, you get tired of the long car rides, tempermental weather, high admission prices and pit stops.

Most of all, you tire of the stress of wondering, "Will this be a great vacation?" When you consider that the cost of an average Boomer family vacation is about $3,000-$6,000 for a week of fun in the sun, it's understandable that no family wants to feel ripped off or emotionally unfulfilled when they get home and have to face the rat race.

In our case, the questions and complaints ended on our first family cruise. We all got to do exactly what we wanted, sometimes together, sometimes not, but no one felt compromised and no fights ensued. Sounds miraculous, doesn't it?

Although Matt, my 11 year old, began cruising with us at the age of two, we had not tried it as a foursome until our nine year old, Ben, joined us on what is becoming the next classic family vacation, the Alaska cruise.

The scenery alone would have been enough, but now that we have experienced the curative powers of cruising, I don't have to hawk the concept to the tough customers in my house. After all, Matt and Ben have walked on a glacier, panned for gold, steamtrained through the Klondike--well, those are tales we'll tell in good time.

I can assure you that unless you suffer from thalassophobia (yes, it's real; fear of the sea), you won't find a vacation experience that offers more to each member of your family.

To those of you who are nature lovers and tend toward soft adventure, I can tell you that seeing bear and eagles close-up in Alaska, swimming with the sting rays in Grand Cayman, and birding in Costa Rica, all possibilities on cruise ships and merely the tip of the, excuse the mention, iceberg, is a fabulous experience, especially when the family does it together, bonding all the way.

As terrific as whitewater rafting or sleeping under the stars are, an entire vacation without a hot bath or air conditioning might make certain family members just a bit touchy. But with cruising, the kids build a context for their lives, Dad gets the video, and Mom doesn't have to cook or pick out a new restaurant for the evening.

Unlike resort vacations, you're not continually sizing up restaurant menus to figure out if you've gone off the deep end of your food budget, or nixing an activity toward the end of the week because you've spent too much overall.

Yes, we've had fun at Club Med and other all-inclusives, but the evening activities and dining on cruise ships are a lot more grown up. It's really nice at day's end to go on a date with your spouse, knowing the kids are being entertained in kids' or teen programs, or safe asleep in the cabin with night patrol checking up on them.

I can dissect every earthbound vacation we've taken and identify the good, bad and ugly, but why bother? There are at least 10 top reasons why family cruising beats a vacation on terra firma. Try a few of these on for size to see if you can picture yourselves in our shoes:
  • You don't have to be together all of the time, but you won't have to worry where everyone else is.
  • You can be together as much as you want; swim, play bingo, take an excursion, play basketball, see a movie, and you won't have to figure out what else there is to do. There's always something.
  • You can eat your meals together but you don't have to eat the same kind of food.
    Thanks to buffets and grills, the kids can eat on their own if they're old enough to make decisions.
  • Kids have the option of kids' programs instead of dragging around with the old folks.
  • Vice versa.
  • You don't have to worry about the kids getting lost; in a day or two, they'll know their way around better than you.
  • You'll be staying in a beautiful environment without stained carpets or worn bedspreads.
  • You can drink and not worry about driving back.
  • You can see a show, gamble and go to a party all in one night without having to call the baby-sitter.
I must stress that one family's Big Red Boat could be the Titanic for Princess customers. It's very important that, based on your family's needs, ages and lifestyle, you select the right ship for you.

After you've made that decision, you'll find the specifics of planning for, shopping for, packing for, and experiencing cruising family-style here in the family and kids' sections of CruiseMates.

Best of all, our community of cruisers enables you to communicate in advance with other families like yours -- and kids like your kids -- who'll be with you on your cruise. Everyone who's on to CruiseMates can get acquainted beforehand and eliminate those first few days of feeling "new." (You've got to check out Kuki's advice on how to hook up in advance --he's The Man on that subject!) Making friends in advance of departure can enhance the experience so much for everyone in the family.

When it's time for the family to decide, "To cruise, or not to cruise?," don't harbor any reservations. Everyone at CruiseMates promises you'll be on those message boards the day after you get back, converting more innocent families to the ways of the waves.

Cruisemates at is an unbiased website with resources for everything you want to know about going on a cruise

Cruise Italian-style in the Tropics

Now is the time to take a cruise. The rates are at their lowest and you get to escape from the cold on this Italian-style 7 day cruise sailing December 28th. Ring in the new year on a romantic cruise. Click here to see all the details

This offer won't last long, so be sure to email MarLee Travel at or visit us and contact us for more deals like this at

Click here to see all the details

Cruise Map and Itinerary Below

Click here to see all the details

Monday, September 29, 2008

Vermont Fall Special Offer

Welcome to Basin Harbor

To Book this offer, email us at

A Recent Visit to Jamaica, My Island in the Sun

By: Marjorie Randall , Referring Travel Agent and Owner of Marlee Travel

As my flight descended over the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea surrounding Montego Bay, I reflected on the warmth of the ocean and the calming waves on the white sandy beach I used to enjoy and it was as if it were welcoming me. After going through the long lines and the formalities of the local immigration my next stop was baggage claim where I discovered my luggage did not arrive with me. The airport personnel were however reassuring and convinced me that the luggage should be on the next flight that night. I have to say they handled the situation very professionally and I did get the luggage to begin a well needed getaway. I couldn’t wait to get a fresh look at the island I last visited some five years ago and to get to the beach for a swim.

It was surprisingly much warmer than I expected and I was glad I heeded my friends’ warning to dress accordingly. Montego Bay had a few surprises for me. The Airport had undergone much improvement and the landscape of the city had changed so much. There were so many new developments and traffic was everywhere. They drive so fast on the narrow streets; I was expecting an accident to happen anytime. I love the hilly countryside in Montego Bay though, and I was lucky to be staying with my friend, who has a lovely view of Montego Bay. The view is breathtaking and the sea breeze exhilarating. Oh!! How I miss home.

Being away from the island for so long, I now crave the fruits and foods I missed. There were mangos, avocados, naseberry, sweetsap,.ginneps, papayas, jelly coconut and breadfruit all available on the trees just waiting to be picked. Oranges and tangerines were out of season but I sure enjoyed the fresh supply of all the others and I had my daily fill. Talk about hospitality and generosity. If you don’t have fruit tress but your neighbour has, you can call it yours too. You will never go hungry here. Every family I visited ensured that I had a taste of the local foods, ackee and salt fish, served with cooked green bananas and fried bammy. Yummy!!! I am also on a vegetarian diet so fresh fish fried or steamed was always on the menu.

Of course I had to visit the resort areas. There are so many new hotels under construction in Negril and Montego Bay. The Riu Hotels seems to be in every town, Montego Bay, Ohio Rios, Lucea and Negril. I visited the one in Negril and was really very impressed with their service and the relaxed atmosphere. What intrigued me though was how huge these new hotels were. They covered many acres of land and I wondered if tourism was doing that well. I guess they are doing something good, coupled with the beauty of the island which sells itself. For more on Hotel Rui, see our separate post on this wonderful hotel.

Hotel Riu, Negril, Jamaica ~ A Review

By: Marjorie Randall, Referring Travel Agent and Owner of MarLee Travel

The Riu Hotels seems to be in every town, Montego Bay, Ohio Rios, Lucea and Negril. I visited the one in Negril and was really very impressed with their service and the relaxed atmosphere. What intrigued me though was how huge these new hotels were. Hotel Riu is a Spanish Hotel chain. The locals are saying that history is repeating itself as the Spaniards are back – (Christopher Columbus discovered the island in 1494). The Negril hotel lies along the beautiful seven mile white sand beach approximately 48 miles from Montego Bay. It features 420 deluxe guestrooms and is just minutes away from Negril’s shopping area and nightlife. Yes, it’s all-inclusive and some of the staff is required to speak Spanish. They pride themselves for their hospitality and superior service from the moment you check in. First rate food and drinks are available free to guests around the clock and you can dine at any of the tempting buffets and the a la carte specialty restaurants or enjoy a drink at one of their cozy bars. They offer activities and entertainment for the entire family, among them beach volleyball, table tennis snorkeling, billiards sauna and Jacuzzi, gym, live music, night club and a variety of theme shows. You can also enjoy their on-site spa.

The Riu has all the amenities for a restful vacation. I was captivated by the spectacular views from the guestrooms overlooking the turquoise Caribbean and beautifully landscaped grounds. Oh! The sunset views are spectacular. The sunset seems to change colors from a golden hue to fiery red. It is the perfect place for an island getaway and the ideal holiday choice for couples, singles and families.
Weddings at Rui Negril

Rui also offers great wedding packages. They are dedicated to making the wedding and honeymoon experience an unforgettable one and they have the surroundings to do just that.
One of their wedding packages offers a complete ensemble of services for the perfect wedding as follows:

RIU Caprice Wedding Package 2009 includes:
* On-site wedding coordinator to help plan the special day
* Caprice decoration set up for the ceremony location for the wedding group
* Bouquet of flowers for the bride and a matching boutonniere for the groom
* Two rose petals bags
* CD or recorded music during the ceremony
* Twenty four color photographs
* Reception dinner for the wedding group at one of our specialty restaurants
* Wedding cake for the couple and all the guests
* Sparkling wine for the couple and all the guests (during the Main Toast only)
* Natural or Chocolate body exfoliation for the bride and groom
* Aromatherapy massage for the bride and groom
* Deep-tissue or Lomi Lomi massage for the groom
* Manicure, pedicure and hairstyle for the bride
* Ten percent discount on all spa services for the bride and the groom (restrictions apply)
* Complimentary room upgrade for the couple subject to availability upon arrival (External Jacuzzi Suites are not included)
* Late check out for the couple subject to availability upon arrival
* Breakfast in bed the morning after the wedding
* Surprise gift and fruit basket
* Minister/Judge service & wedding certificate are included* Witnesses if required
Your ceremony options are: religious wedding; civil wedding or renewal of vows. So whatever couples need, the Riu Negril will give you just what your romantic heart desires. Contact us at if you would like more information on destination weddings at Riu Hotels, or any other destination.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Help us help others ~ In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Support These Worthy Causes


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! iEmporium is having a silent auction on Sept 15 through 20 to benefit Childhood Cancer Research. Bidding starts today, Monday, Sept 14th. Help spread the word and help support this wonderful cause, visit

Reading About Me and Zarstar Designs are 2 businesses owned by 2 work at home moms, Lisa and Ally, and members of Our Milk Money ( They have organized a fundraiser to help two special little girls. Please visit to see details on how you can help.

Secret Samplers is holding an online fundraiser in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness month. They are hosting an online Garage Sale with proceeds going to The Make-A-Wish Foundation!

Visit to participate in the garage sale and help support Make-A-Wish and grant wishes for terminally ill children! The Online Garge Sale will be held on the weekend of September 26-28th!

Beads of Hope® sells exquisite handmade beaded jewelry to increase childhood cancer awareness and donates at least 10% of proceeds to cancer research. Shop at Beads of Hope to support this cause and help a child’s fight with cancer. To shop or find out more about their mission go to and visit their blog at

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Introducing Suzi Homemaker

Meet the talent and the Work-At-Home-Mom behind the Suzi Homemaker business. Suzi Crowder, mother of three young children, has an embroidery and sewing business that fashions the most scrumptious creations. Learn about her and her passions as she is this month’s featured member at the online social network of the Online Shopping Mall. Visit to see her complete bio and all Suzi Homemaker has to offer including the beautiful products and gifts featured in a slideshow.

To see all of Suzi Homemaker's products, visit her website by clicking on the banner below

Contest at MUIB- Join MUIB today or Pay the Price

Check out Moms United In Business
Become a member now for free
There will be membership dues after September 14th
The benefits as a member are tremendous
if you're a WAHM
with support and resources
to help you succeed in business
Visit the website and see for yourself
Join today ~ You'll be sorry if you don't

Giveaway Contest at Finders Keepers Jewelry

Summer Sale now on at Finders Keepers Jewelry
Get 10% off first purchase or Earn Free Jewelry

Enter our Giveaway Contest for a chance to win
a necklace or bracelet from Finders Keepers
The winner will be chosen ramdomly on October 1, 2008
To enter, send us an email at
in the subject put October Finders Keepers Giveway
and provide your full name in your email message
Good Luck!

Visit our website by clicking on banner below:

Another Great WAHM Networking Group is a networking group of moms who blog. They blog about everything-the cat that threw up on....; the child who threw a phone in the toilet; the mom who lost her kid in a nano second and is frantically searching; and in between all that blogging about stuff all moms go through there is also time to blog about your business and network to grow your business. The members' personal and professional life will be featured and the mommy universe continues as usual...oh yeah my cat just threw up on the rug.

Visit this blogging networking group at And Oh yeah it's free to what are you waiting for?

Gotta go clean up that mess now...yeah it's a cliche but really a woman's work is never done.

Secret Samplers ~ You Just Gotta Get Yours

Our friend and fellow WAHM, Ruby Ramberg, owns a few online businesses and does direct sales as well. Her latest venture is her Secret Samplers business which allows owners of direct sales business, small business and WAHM business to get their products into the hands of potential customers EVERY month, and at an affordable price. In the month of September, for just $5 you can have lifetime member ship at Secret Samplers. Visit the website at and see why you should get your Secret Samplers today.

Read on to learn more about Ruby Ramberg and her businesses as well as how Secret Samplers can help you:

"Secret Samplers" was created by Ruby Ramberg. A proud mother of three very energetic boys and the owner and founder of The Best Kept Beauty Secrets and it's sister sites:

The Ultimate Secrets Mommy Mall and The Ultimate Ad Spot

These sites were all created with WAHMs and small homed based businesses in mind. As a stay at home mom, Ruby understands the struggle of trying to run a home based business and raise kids. Therefore, she feels the need to help others with her knowledge of launching a successful busy also.

As a WAHM herself , she learned how important direct marketing is for growing your business. Getting your samples and products actually INTO consumers hands is CRUCIAL to growing your customer base and increasing your downline.

Think about your last purchase. Did you just go out and spend $50 on a perfume or cosmetic product just because you seen a commercial? Or did you actually look at the product, read the ingredients, smell the perfume? Most consumers want to know the product before spending a big amount on it. That is where we come in. Secret Samplers allows consumers to sample NAME brand products for a fraction of the price!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Giveaway--this one with "bling"

Saige Nicole’s Boutigue is having a “bling” giveaway. Read on for more details and visit them at

Here are the giveaway details:

Lucky Mamma Give-a-way
This month, One "Lucky Mamma" will receive a pair of our gorgeous "Glam Girl" bling sunglasses! These gorgeous sunglasses are perfectly sized for your Hollywood Glam Girl and boast hundreds of pink, hand-set Swarovski crystals. Oh Baby! You never looked so good.

How Do I Win?Do some window shopping and return here to enter by clicking the "Enter Here" button below and registering. Be sure and leave us a comment about your favorite Saige Nicole's items in the comment section. That's it, no strings attached - not even a baby harness! Oh yeah, please remember to tell a friend or two about us and when you win - drop us a line and let us know how much you love your gift; send us a picture for our BRAG Page too. Good Luck!Information provided by Wendy Navarro, owner of Saige Nicole’s Boutique and proud mom of three.