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Thanks for visiting with us!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Family Budget Cutting When On Vacation

How to Cut Down on Your Budget When You Go on VacationBy Susan Hutson

Are you planning for your next travel vacation? Well, everybody in your family would long for a vacation after a long period of hard work at school and office. But, with travel and vacation becoming more and more expensive by the day, it creates the need for travelers to cut down on their budget whilst on vacation. Explained below are 10 common (easy) tips that would help save those travel money.

1. Take your own food and drinks: This would seem a little ridiculous; however, the amount you can save could be huge. For instance, a burger prepared at home could be much tastier and cheaper compared to those offered for sale at restaurants and hotels. Likewise, a bottle or can of soft drinks would be more expensive in hotels, whereas it would be cheaper to buy it from a supermarket. This would help you avoid instances of premium pricing.

2. If the first tip seems impractical, try this one. Have breakfast where kids could eat free or split meals. Since small children eat too little but at regular intervals, going to children-friendly restaurants that accommodate special requests for extra plates could help save you a lot of money, especially if your family has over two kids.

3. Take your own refillable water bottles: A typical family spends over $20 a day buying mineral water and by taking your own water bottles, you could save on this money, especially on long-trips. Get them refilled at your hotel or water fountains at no extra cost.

4. Make use of any offers and coupons be it for food, lodging, traveling or attractions, just simply make use of them. The amount you save could be enormous. You could find offers and coupons in local newspapers, stores, motels, hotels and even online.

5. Always rent a car: This would be much cheaper compared to the (airport) shuttle service. Likewise, it would be more flexible and convenient. If you are planning to drive to your destination, rent a car because it would save those potential expenditures and costs of wear and tear (repairs).

6. Bring your own stroller since you could simply save $8 to $10 a day at some of the attractions in your visit.

7. Make use of multi-day passes at the attractions. This is very useful since those could be used at anytime of the day.

8. Enjoy the day away from the major attractions: It would be much cheaper to spend your day at the beach or at a local playground and would be as much fun as visiting those attractions. Make use of every opportunity that is provided for free, such as the hotel's swimming pool and sports facilities.

9. Make your own reservations: By doing so, it is guaranteed that your particular needs are satisfied. Online reservations would earn you additional discounts that would help save you more.

10. Give your children a set amount to spend. This would limit unnecessary expenditures, and the children knowing about this restriction would put the money to better use.
You could save huge amounts of money by simply following the above tips, and it would give you and your family a chance to spend an additional night or two at the holidaying destination. Good luck with your journey! has been dedicated to helping moms work at home for over 10 years. Now Bizymoms helps moms find solutions to all their daily needs like planning a Vacations And Travel. Visit today!

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