Thanks for visiting with us!

Thanks for visiting with us!

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Wahm Addicts University and Social Site

While the economy rears its ugly head, many of us have found peace and tranquility knowing that we have a very unique home to go to at Wahm Addicts Social. Within this arena you will find tons of fabulous people that are dedicated to succeeding and helping each other out no matter how ugly the economy may be at the moment, and the good news is that we ARE succeeding.

Within this venue, we are now offering very low-cost classes available to anyone that will help you beat this economy and regain the confidence that you might have had in the past, but are now a bit frustrated or learn something completely new. Membership to Wahm Addicts is free to anyone, and there are tons of groups to join, also free, to help you along.

We support and promote your business in many areas. We offer free and low cost advertising to meet your needs. While advertising WAHM Addicts social network we are in fact promoting all our members who reap the rewards. Join today and join in the rewards.

Yes, there are many networking groups out there, but we must tell you that this is a very unique and helpful group, not to mention friendly. We are already at 500 members and growing on a daily basis very quickly. There is a reason for that, and it is not because it is free. The team leaders and members alike are friendly, decent, trustworthy, and on the ball in all aspects. Our mission is to help you, and because we are doing our best to do just that, people are noticing it and want to become a part of a family rather than a group that is all about ads and promotion. While naturally there is some of that in every group, we try out best to help people from all walks of life. As the old saying goes…It is not always what you know, but who you know that plays an important part in business as a whole, and to know these very unique individuals is a blessing in disguise.

As the New Year approaches, our goal is to move forward and support each other. There is nothing better than having a home to go to, whether it is in your personal lives or your business lives.

From our house, so-to-speak, to yours, we wish you all much joy this holiday season, and a wonderful New Year, and hopefully you will have joined us in our mission to support the small business owner, and each other.

Peace, Love and Joy,


Krista Clyburn, Creator of Wahm Addicts Social Network
Ellen Levinas, MVA,
AND our Wonderful
Wahm Addicts Leadership Team and Members - We Satisfy the Craving! - It's in the Box! - It's in the Bag!


The Muse said...

ah you are following me? im humbled :) let me see if i can add you to my following list also...i may be full...but either way i will add you to my blog roll...i use that to visit !

Jennifer said...

Just wanted to stop by and let you know I'm following you! Came over from MBC/Follow Me group...

Where were you guys when I was getting married!? I could have used your help! ;-) Great site!

Veronica Lee said...

Happy Easter!

Michelle said...

You are one busy bee! I nominated this blog as well


The Muse said...

Please let me know where you are blogging! :)

Mark said...

I chanced upon to view your blog and found it very interesting. Great ... Keep it up!

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Mack said...

I came to your blog just when I was surfing on this topic. I am happy that I found your blog and information I wanted.

James said...

While people may have different views still good things should always be appreciated. Yours is a nice blog. Liked it!!!